The engineers of PM Elektro analyse, design, calculate and draw your complete control panel as well as your installation using the renowned drawing program Eplan. Your ideas always serve as a basis for this.

The design is in the hands of a team of highly qualified engineers, who not only have very extensive experience, but are also aware of the latest developments in technology. They owe this knowledge to continuous training and close contact with suppliers and producers. As a result, you are assured of sound advice about the latest techniques and components. The advantage of working with PM Elektro is that we can also take care of panel building and installation and share the experience from these specialties in your design. This way you can outsource everything to a party where the departments join forces to make your project a great success.

Control panels and energy distributors

In addition to building control panels and energy distributors, PM Elektro can also provide support with the installation, installation and commissioning. This allows you as a customer to focus on your core business. Naturally, the customer determines to what extent they ask PM Elektro for support. We can step in at any desired level. With our experience and knowledge of various installations of control panels, we can help the customer.

We are happy to take care of installation, commissioning and maintenance of control panels from the customer. We also want to think about improvements. The focus is on optimising the technical installation and applying new developments and techniques. With this we contribute to a reliable and safe installation.

Marine & Offshore

Are you looking for an independent and competent partner to perform work on your ship? We offer you an optimal service for your electrical installations during the entire life cycle of your ship. PM Elektro has a wide portfolio of after-sales and customer support services with the aim of minimizing maintenance costs and the risk of downtime and sharing our knowledge with you and your team. This leads to optimum ship performance and reliability for our customers.

PM Elektro offers you the best service and maintenance for your electrical installations. Over the years, PM Elektro employees have built up expertise in the provision of service and maintenance in the offshore, on yachts, tugs, workboats, coasters, naval vessels, dredgers: every organization, ship or crew needs a different level of service. We offer service from the construction of the ship up to the end of its lifecycle or act as a service provider for your electrical installation.

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